Wednesday 1 May 2019

The Entrepreneur’s Skill Development Programs from Finland

The Entrepreneur’s Skill Development Programs from Finland

Introduction  :

It  is a package consisted of  an innovative Entrepreneurship skill development online tech platform and few set of added services designed for budding Entrepreneurs.
Are you thinking or preparing to be an Entrepreneur !

Are you ready to be entrepreneur  or are you an startup entrepreneur ?

Test your Entrepreneurial Skills ,Know your strength and weakness, discover your own skills and choose your career wisely. 

Take away:
  • Online examination
  • Certificate from Finland
  • One business plan reviewed by Finnish Team
  • Course materials
  • Book and ready pitch deck
  • Advisory  supports for startup entrepreneurs upto 5 years

1.    Business online training is a compact and practical way to learn the  five basics elements of entrepreneurship .
Section 1: Introduction to business and entrepreneurship
Section 2: How to develop a good and profitable business ?
Section 3: Planning to success
Section 4: Accounting and taxes
Section 5: Develop your personal business skills
2.    Contents are designed based on entrepreneurs needs.
3.    During the courses the participants will learn the skills they need in order to start and run a business.
4.    Help Developing participants sub-skills (learning, problem solving, self evaluations )

5.    It helps participants to find ideal career or job or business that fits their education, skills and passion.

6.    The training is based on scientific research, and the methods and tools used will help people to transform their dreams into reality .

7.    It is ideal for Business owners, students, employers ,and employees. It helps you to manage your time and resources better, so that you will be able to be a better leader with better productivity

8.    Participants are guided to write the business plan

9.    The program enables the coaches, teachers and tutors to follow, comment and guide the process of business plan, by reading the Participants business plan through the whole process – there is no ”surprises” in the end of the course.

Price :  Rs 25000  

Duration : Online access of 3 months, self paced blended (online & offline ) teaching methods.
Infrastructure Needed to setup in your location: Internet, 20 capacity students, counsellor, Sales & marketing team. Good contacts with startups and universities/college

Minimum licence to be purchased : 20 pc

Example Audience  : Any individual, VC firm, Govt ,NGOs ,College ,University students (College students are first priority)


1. Personalise Career counselling to students about choosing Entrepreneurship or Job or both
2. Study in Finland career guidance
3. Internship and exchanges opportunities for selected startups
4. Finnish and Swedish languages cafe for students who wants to study or work in Finland
5. Advisory services on financing of startup business
6. Showcase of  startups in Finland / abroad and India


                               Section 4: ACCOUNTING AND TAXES
·         4.2 Tax & legal issues

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